DSI | Mission Aligned, Commitment Defined


This includes compliance and assessment of financial systems and associated processes to identify inefficiencies, data integrity, and betterment of operating effectiveness, controls and overall performance. We assist our clients in Solution Architecture and Planning, implementation of ERP systems, corrective action, evaluation existing processes, and designing, developing, and implementing new more productive processes. Dynamic Services Integration will assess and incorporate improvements to financial reporting by designing, developing, and implementing customized reporting formats.

Accounting consulting services include overall business analysis, compliance, Systems integration, Solution architecture and Planning financial systems review, audit, account reconciliation, data analysis, data entry, account allocation and indirect rate development, preparation of pro forma statements, internal control development and staff augmentation. We prepare financial analysis of monthly, quarterly, and year-end financial statements as well.


We are experienced leaders in program/project management. Our integrated approach applies best in class industry practices, processes, and quality management principles. We exceed performance requirements and achieve full customer and user satisfaction within schedule, cost, and budget for client mission success.

We proactively address systemic and non-systemic risks early and throughout program processes to ensure they are appropriately eliminated or mitigated. We maintain a continuous exchange of information and data with all stakeholders for sound resource allocation and coordinated action. DSI builds quality assurance and management into every project phase and involves every participant for the performance and delivery of quality products and services.

DSI ensures that when teams are tasked with a project, it is executed efficiently, at or under budget and within project deadlines – all while maintaining project transparency that surpasses the industry standard. When necessary, DSI Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) research and develop custom solutions to individualized challenges.


DSI boasts a long, successful track record of providing turnkey and focused support solutions to Government and commercial clients. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ long-term success through exceptional project transparency. Transparency provides the customer with the knowledge to choose between organic support or outsourcing. Knowledge is power, and we ensure you have the power.

Whether your project requires industry experts to retrofit current technology, to provide IT help desk support, or to provide a turnkey solution – DSI is the best choice.


DSI personnel years of experience planning and performing engineering design, procurement, installation, securing, managing and testing the full range of network components and technologies. Our proactive approach and our processes ensure requirements are captured and the right solutions are developed. Our model for systems design and implementation enables support for delivery of full capability meeting customer needs.

We offer all functions of network operations and management including controlling, planning, allocating, deploying, coordinating, and monitoring network resources; network planning, frequency allocation; load balancing; cryptographic key distribution authorization; configuration management; fault management; security management; performance management; bandwidth management; route analytics, accounting management; and 24/7 customer support services.